Written by Kubadda at 6:32 AM on Thursday, December 06, 2012


Gulleh Batle FC, one of the strongest football clubs in D’jibouti has won the country’s supper cup after walloping the current champions the AS port by 2-1 in a hotly-contested match which attracted the attention of high profile officials including minister of sports Dr Jama Elmi Okieh, Minister of budgets Amarreh Ali Said, Djibouti FA president Souleiman Hassan Waberi and members of his executive committee. Tens of thousands of zealous spectators had occupied the Guled stadium hours before the match kick off. The jubilant fans were chanting slogans to support each of the clubs.

The match was very competitive as each club had done all it could in a bid to win the supper cup. The first half of the match ended in 1-1 equality, but in the early minutes of the second half Gulleh Batal FC boys stepped up counter attacks on the opposite goal and finally happened to get a second goal walloping the AS Ports FC by 2-1.

Minister for youth and sports Dr Jama Elmi Okieh, who addressed at a ceremony which intended to mark on the conclusion of the supper cup praised the Djibouti FA president Souleiman Hassan and his executive committee for the successive activities.

“Dear Mr. President in your first address after winning the election last month you promised a major change and development and as a minister I hereby declare that I see the signs of your early activities and I wish you and your executive committee success in your endeavours of developing football in our country” the minister Dr. Jama Elmi Okieh, told the ceremony directing his words to the recently-elected FA president.

“I congratulate you on your victory of winning the trophy of the supper cup—I also praise the AS port FC for their efforts” President Souleiman Hassan Waberi ,noted as he and the minister jointly presented the trophy to the captain of the Gualleh Batal FC.

BY: Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar

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