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Friday, July 19, 2024

About Us


About us

Kubada was created in the name and memory of all those who played, managed, coached and supported basketball in Somalia, or people of Somali origin who are involved in the development of Basketball in any form out side the home land. This site is run by the Somali Sport International Friendship Organisation (SSIFO) which is an umbrella organisation for all the Diaspora groups that are or were involved in Basketball.

The aim

Collect the past history of Somali sports in general and basketball in particular.To unify all the effort of the Diaspora to ensure fundamental and progressive change of Somali Basketball. To save the Somali Sports and Basketball from the polarisation, politicisation, tribalism, and the special interest groups who are interested solely in their gains.Support the Somali National teams in general and the basketball in particular.Have a say and act as the conscious to the Somali Sports, which is going through difficult times.

Kubadda was created on 20th June 2007


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